Cursed With Good Ideas

CWGI #6: Peppa’s garbage field (with Gong)

July 10, 2018

The sixth episode of CURSED WITH GOOD IDEAS, seventy-three minutes of gonzo sinology with Gong (Vice China) and hosts Jonathan Burrow, Joshua Cader, Dino Chang & Gabriele de Seta.

In this episode: Vice in China, the post-wall generation, the end of subcultures, Peppa the Pig and Dongbei thug life.

Reverbs and traffic ambience all mixed-in for an optimal multi-sited experience.

- S.T.H's article on post-wall Chinese youth: 
- Vice China documentary on independent comics: 
- The "This is a fucking paradise" documentary series: 
- Vice China article on Peppa the Pig :

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